A Prize “For the Best Project to the Town and Business”


Šiaulių bankas, a partner for small and medium-sized business, promoting country’s entrepreneurship gives a boost to young people’s ideas. Encouraging youth to search for new ideas creating for their own town and to become more self-sufficient, Šiaulių bankas is going to grant prizes for students who would offer the best ideas.

In recent years economical and social life of Lithuania is becoming more and more rapid. In order to make Šiauliai region one of the leading regions all over Lithuania we need innovative and advanced ideas as well as creative, responsible and prospective specialists. That is the reason why the Municipality of Šiauliai, Association of Šiauliai Industrialists and Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts announced a contest to win a prize  “For the Best Project to the Town and Business”.

Šiaulių bankas AB has assessed the importance and great relevance of this contest; therefore becoming the general sponsor of the contest it actively enters into achieving the main goal of the project.

The contest is intended for Šiauliai University students (or students’ groups) who are determined to improve business environment of Šiauliai region as well as solution of certain social issues. Priorities will be rendered to the projects focused on the economical and social development of Šiauliai region that could be practically applied and economically effective including the following factors:

  1. focused on better meeting business and society  needs;
  2. connected with the better management of human recourses;
  3. connected with the common quality management principal, system and method appliance;
  4. encourages to implement technical and technological innovations.
The contest is taking place until May 1st, 2007.
All the information with regard to the participation rules is announced on the websites of the contest founders: www.siauliai.lt, www.siauliai-pramone.lt, www.rumai.lt and well as on the website of the general sponsor www.sb.lt.