A prestigious card to the best farm


A prestigious payment card with a price bounty issued by Šiaulių bankas has been granted to the owner of the best farm in Anykščiai region.

A farm in Troškūnai ward owned by Rasa and Vitalijus Petroniai has become a winner and was recognized as the farm of the year in Anykščiai region in the traditional competition which is organized all over Lithuania for fourteen years already. The owners have been awarded with the main price of the competition, i.e. a “Visa Gold” payment card with one thousand litas on the card account.

A farmer of Anykščiai region, who made a winner’s title, received a payment card of Šiaulių bankas which ensures exclusive service and financial safety and is not only a valuable prize but also a practical present. Paying for the ticket with “Visa Gold” payment card, the cardholder is entitled to the insurance against medical and legal expenses, loss and delay of baggage, money loss, delay of journey, change of documents and hijacking during the journey.

Other most diligent farmers and most successfully operating agricultural companies have been awarded during this event as well. The competition and harvest fair arranged by the Municipality Administration of Anykščiai region, Anykščiai bureau under the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service, Regional Food and Veterinary Service as well as by other organizations were participated not only by the farmers from Aukštaitija regions but also from all over Lithuania. The jaunty concerts, trading in autumnal goodies and get-together took place in the crammed Anykščiai Cultural Center. Šiaulių bankas arranged quizzes and lotteries to the participants of competition and fair and was extremely generous with prizes.