A nominal scholarship of Šiaulių bankas was granted to a VMU student from Šiauliai


On June 19 of the current year during the bachelor and master diploma granting celebration in the Faculty of Social Science of the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU)  the III year student Kristina Katkutė was granted a nominal scholarship of Šiaulių bankas for academic achievements and constant striving for improvement in the field of studies.

 "Aiming to encourage the best students to get even more interested in their studies and deepen their knowledge Šiaulių bankas has granted the second nominal scholarship this year.  It has been assigned to the talented student Krtitina Katkutė who achieved the splendid results in her studies - said the VMU graduate Mantas Ambutavičius, Head of Kaunas region and Director of corporate clients of Šiaulių bankas during the diploma granting ceremony. We are pleased that Kristina and Šiaulių bankas have something in common - they both come from Šiauliai."

According to the girl who is studying under the psychology bachelor study program in the Faculty of Social Sciences of VMU, the news about the scholarship founded by Šiaulių bankas and assigned to her was unexpected but very pleasant.  Kristina is planning to use the scholarship granted by the bank for her master studies.  The girl shows her splendid study results not only at the university. The assiduous student achieved the high study results already at school  - she graduated from Šiauliai J.Janonis gymnasium with the honour.

"We are happy to keep building the bonds of friendship between Šiaulių bankas and Vytautas Magnus University such  delivering a message about the various forms of cooperation between the education institution and business. We believe that this scholarship will be a significant boost to the student to remain passionately interested in her studies, expand the knowledge and seek for even higher academic results", - said Mantas Simanavičius, Diretcor of Student Affairs Office.

Šiaulių bankas and Vytautas Mangnus University (VMU) signed the collaboration agreement on 29 March 2013. This spring the first nominal scholarship was granted to the VMU student Rima Partauskaitė, the first year master‘s student of the continuous education under the Finance and Banking study programme at the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management. The girl was encouraged for her academic achievements and and high aspirations in the field of finance and banking studies.