A nominal scholarship of Šiaulių Bankas goes to the student of Art history, criticism and media at VMU Faculty of Arts


Šiaulių Bankas, a social partner of Vytautas Magnus University, granted its nominal scholarship to Karolina Vitulskytė, a student of Art history, criticism and media at VMU Faculty of Arts. The bank's nominal scholarship has been granted to a VMU student for the eighth time.

The Bank awarded Karolina Vitulskytė for her academic achievement and active social activities regardless of faced social challenges.

Born and raised in Kaunas K. Vitulskytė was pleasantly surprised about the scholarship - after all, there were many applicants. Upon implementation of one of her dreams to study at VMU, the ambitious student has many other plans related to her education and career. Internship in Scandinavia, for which she is preparing currently, is also among them. "I've started working while continuing to study hoping to save some money. This scholarship makes the saving process significantly easier and brings me to closer to my goals."

It is quite heartening that the girl plans to adapt the gained experience in Lithuania. "Abroad is attracting with the abundance of works, however I tend to relate mu future with the homeland," - said the scholarship winner.

Vaidas Lazauskas, Director of corporate clients of of Kaunas region and branch of Šiaulių Bankas AB and graduate of the VMU, granted the scholarship to K. Vitulskytė.

"We've started cooperating with the academic community quite a long time ago. And the scholarship isn't the only result fostering young people and assisting them to achieve their goals, but also the VMU graduates who are strong professionals in their field",  said V. Lazauskas granting the award to the student.

On 29 March 2013 Šiaulių Bankas signed a collaboration agreement with Vytautas Magnus University and founded a nominal scholarship, which is granted to two students of the VMU annually - the scholarship is granted to those who achieve the best study results and academic activities.