A new outlet of Šiaulių bankas in Dzūkija


Today, i.e. on November 17th, a new client service center of Šiaulių bankas has started its operation in Varėna - it is the first outlet in the place famous for its mushrooms and berries but already the fifth one in Dzūkija region.

The client service center in Varėna as well as other outlets of Šiaulių bankas renders all the banking services to private and corporate customers. The clients will be able to open a bank account, settle utility bills, acquire a credit or debit payment card, place a deposit, receive a credit and sign pension accumulation agreement, etc. Šiaulių bankas does its best recommending the most effective and useful solutions for each of its clients, taking into consideration the client’s needs and paying attention to the given remarks. The inhabitants of Varėna are welcome to take advantage of the flexibility of Šiaulių bankas and of the quick decision-making process. For the meantime there will be three client service managers working in the outlet who will provide appropriate consultations regarding important banking issues.

“We are happy to open our bank’s first outlet in Varėna. Though having a loyal clientele we shall do our best to expend it, to find the closer relationship with the inhabitants of this town, to give a piece of advice and offer the most appropriate solution, product or service. Currently the bank is offering favourable interest for deposits which could be even increased in the bank. The depositors placing a time deposit with the payment card shall be entitled to 0.2 per cent higher interest than one valid at the bank at that time. The depositors placing the amounts that exceed LTL 100 thou will be also entitled to better conditions. - the higher interest rate is determined according to the separate consent”, - said Director of Alytaus branch of Šiaulių bankas Irena Vanagienė.

The new client service center of Šiaulių bankas located on Vytauto str. 8/Laisvės str.1 in the premises of the former Lithuanian saving bank will be servicing clients from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.