A member of Supervisory Council of Šiaulių bankas has been elected as


The freemen had been announced during the City Council Meeting in September when Šiauliai city was celebrating its 772nd birthday. The Ex-Mayor of Šiauliai city and the Chairman of Šiaulių bankas’ Supervisory Council Arvydas Salda was one of them.

“I am grateful for the corncern about Šiauliai. The city is being changed and created by the ideas, good and meaningful accomplishments and creative thoughts of people who reside here. We shall be worthy of the best examples”, - says Genadijus Mikšys, the Mayor of Šiauliai city.

The title of the freeman is granted for merits to Šiauliai city. This year such titles have been granted to Stasys Gliaudis, Arvydas Salda and Nelie Sudavičius Makalum. They have been elected from the 13 offered candidates. During eight years 26 inhabitants of Šiauliai known for their social and cultural life were elected as freemen of Šiauliai city.