A Credit for Studies – do not doubt if it is worth studying


Šiaulių bankas starts a new school year with a new proposal to the academic youth - from this week the bank provides a new service “A Credit for Studies” with the flexible terms meeting students’ requirements.

“Šiaulių bankas seeks to facilitate the loan reception to all the alma mater students of Lithuania who strive for education and to make favourable conditions to young people who wish to invest into their own future already today,” - says the Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division of Šiaulių bankas Daiva Kiburienė.

The credit for studies is available to all students of higher educational institutions of Lithuania independent of the type of their studies - full-time, part-time or extramural. Another benefit of the study credit is that a student may apply for such amount of credit, which is necessary to pay for their studies - the maximum loan may reach a total amount of money necessary to pay for the future studies.

Taking into consideration the period of studies later opportunities of employment, the credit term may spread up to ten years. Students that have been granted with loans will have start repaying them in one year after finishing their studies or from the day they have terminated them. Those who will suspend their studies for academic vocations or similar reasons and later return to their studies will have an opportunity to reschedule the credit. It is also possible to prepay the credit.

The credit for studies is available to all students from the first to the last year as well as for student seeking master’s or doctor’s degree. Besides, students who have taken the loans will be granted with the discount cards of Šiaulių bankas’ partners to purchase computers, software, stationary, books, etc…

Šiaulių bankas offers students even more exceptional conditions - free payment cards without annual administration fee, free acceptance of funds transferred to card account.

It is very easy to get a credit for studies. A student has to provide the bank with an application, document proving his/her identity, student’s certificate and an agreement of studies with the higher educational institution of Lithuania

More detailed information regarding credits for studies and conditions for their granting is available in any outlet of Šiaulių bankas.