A commemorative plaque for medallist and coin designer Victor David Brenner was unveiled on the wall of Šiaulių Bankas building


World­ litvak ­V­ictor­ David Brenner  was commemorated by unveiling the  commemorative plaque on the building of the current Šiaulių bankas in Šiauliai. The Bank is the main patron of the implementation of this idea.

The commemorative plague for painter, coin and medal designer V. D. Brenner (1871 – 1924) designed by pro­f.Vaidotas Janulis was­ opened­ on ­14­ December 2017 in Šiauliai on the building on Tilžės str. 149. V. D. Brenner is the author of one USA cent with the portrait of Abram Lincoln.

The  commemorative plague  containing the text in Lithuanian and Yiddish is related to both the outstanding person and history of the building: Lithuanian Jewish People's Bank operated in this building in 1921-1941. Šiaulių Bankas being the only Lithuanian bank in the country was founded there in 1992 and has been operating since for almost 25 years.

Chairman of the Board­ of­ Šiaulių­ Bankas­ Alg­irdas­ Butkus patronizing the implantation of the idea,  Israel ambassador Amir Maimon, Šiauliai mayor Artūras Visockas,Lithuanian Jewish Community chairwoman Faina Kukliansky, Šiauliai Jewish Community chairman Josifas Buršteinas and Community members took part in the ceremony to unveil the plaque.