77th client service branch of Šiaulių bankas in Šeduva


The inhabitants of Šeduva and surrounding villages from Radviliškis region won't have to go to Radviliškis or Šiauliai any longer  in order to be able to take advantage of the banking services - now they can handle all financial matters in Šeduva. Šeduvos client service branch starts operating on 3 December 2013 on Laisvės sq. in Šeduva which is a place with deep historical meaning.

Šeduvos branch is already the 77th outlet of Šiaulių bankas. Since now the Bank provides its services to the private and corporate clients in 38 towns of Lithuania. In the new branch the clients will be able not only to settle utility bills, but also to execute other payments, to open and handle their bank accounts, to withdraw cash and place any type of deposit, to take a credit, to conclude a direct debit or standing order agreement, etc. - all usual banking services that are necessary each day shall be provided there.

"An opening of a new branch in Šeduva is a long-waited event as recently there were no outlet of the bank here and it used to take 18 kilometres to visit the nearest branch of the bank located in Radviliškis. So, it obviously caused a lot of problems to the inhabitants of the small town and surrounding villages", - says Daiva Kiburienė, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas, Head of Šiauliai region. - We want to be close to our clients and seek to make various financial services much more easily accessible, so we’re happy that now our bank will be "at hand" to the inhabitants of Šeduva. 

Another good news for the inhabitants of Šeduva is that  even until 30 June 2014 the private clients who will conclude or extend their time deposit agreement for the period of 12 months or longer  in the client service branch shall be subject to 0.1 per cent higher interest than standard annual interest rate valid at the bank at that time. Those who wish to gain the payment card can take advantage of the "Visa Electron" and "Maestro" payment cards which are issued free of charge.  The clients of Šeduvos client service branch can settle their utility bills and execute other payments cheaper as a lower fee of LTL 0.50 is applied on the house-warming occasion.

Besides, the clients residing in Šeduva as well as other bank's clients participate in the deposit campaign "Win the Chest of Golden Coins" launched by Šiaulių bankas until 18 December 2013 and, also,  can acquire debit and credit payment cards and win the prizes of the "MasterCard" payment campaign carried out  by the bank until 9 March 2014 at the lower price or free of charge.

Not only local people can handle their financial matters in the Šeduvos outlet but also those who pass by on their way to Panevežys, Kėdainiai or Šiauliai and are in sudden need to solve any fiancial issues.  Šeduvos client service branch is founded in the very centre of Šeduva town at the address Laisvės square 29. The branch is open from 7.30 an to 04.30 pm every business day.