50 euro banknotes of a new design are put into circulation


Dear Clients,

Please be informed that from 4 April this year 50 euro banknotes of the new design produced using the new technologies to ensure higher protection against falsification will be put in circulation in all euro zone states.  

We would like to draw Your attention to the banknote's characteristics which would allow You to verify it is not a falsification:

  • banknote paper is crispy and firm, raised  surface print on the left and right sides - are easily palpable to touch;
  • a box with a portrait, watermark with a portrait and a security thread can be seen against the light;
  • tilting the banknote a box with a portrait, a hologram with a portrait, emerald-colour number  the upper or lower part of which is shiny  can be seen and the colour of the number changes from bright green to deep blue while tilting the banknote.

Though the new banknotes have been issue the old ones are still effective, therefore You do not need to replace them. 

More on new banknotes on  the website of the Bank of Lithuania

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