100 new TV sets granted to the Charity and Aid Organizations


Late last year Šiaulių Bankas's employees granted a hundred modern digital TV sets to three Lithuanian public charity and aid organizations - Caritas, Save the Children and the Lithuanian Samaritan community.

Granted TV sets have been distributed among the centres and units of these organizations  and delivered  to the deprived living throughout Lithuania. Large families affected by poverty, disabled and lonely people were among them. According to the representatives of these organizations, the TV sets will be distributed in more than 20 locations throughout Lithuania.

"Our bank's success is inseparable from the success of whole Lithuania. Therefore, feeling responsible to contribute for reduction of poverty and social exclusion, we decided to provide our help to the most vulnerable group in the society. We are pleased that these gifts will bring joy to those who for certain reasons don't have much of it in their lives", - said Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas Vutautas Sinius.

According to Dalia Sakalauskaitė-Babravičė, the representative of Caritas , part of TV sets will go to Caritas centres.

"This gift is very important to our centres as it is a connection to the world. The visitors of charity canteens, nursing homes or rehabilitation centres will be able to follow the news, watch the films and sports events together. It is very important that they will be able to feel as part of society and not only be overwhelmed by their own problems. It is an entertainment which is distracting and also is a source of information, the ability to spend evenings together, discuss the watched show or film ", - said D. Sakalauskaitė-Babravičė.

Part of TVs will go to families that are earn very low income. According to the representative of Caritas  these families are growing three or more children, in some of them the children are raised by the lonely mothers, in others  only one of the parents is working  and they feel a persistent lack of money.

Genoefa Baltrušaitienė, Director of the Lithuanian Samaritan community, said that received aids are really important: "The TV sets will be delivered to the children's day-care centres in the first place - this will make children very happy. One large family has recently receive a social apartment, therefore,  the mother, finding out that they will receive a TV, has even burst into tears. One TV will be given to an elderly couple living in the village. They both are disabled and have a very old TV set. They are extremely happy and say that it is  a Christmas miracle, "- said the interviewee.