„The Banker“: Šiaulių bankas is the best bank in Lithuania in 2013


Šiaulių bankas owning the biggest share of the Lithuanian capital won the exceptional award as "The Best Bank in Lithuania 2013" in the prestigious bank awards which have been arranged for 14 years already  by the international magazine "The Banker"  issued by the "The Financial Times“.

"We are pleased that the efforts and achievements of the bank have not remained unnoticed. In 2013 we had a unique experience solving a problem of the failed bank in an unprecedented way by taking over a part of Ūkio bankas' assets and liabilities  and resuming the provision of banking services to the former clients of Ūkio bankas over the possibly shortest period of time. We faced the huge challenges that required a high concentration and efforts, but we managed to overcome it successfully", - said Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Audrius Žiugžda. - Today we are building a strong, advanced, understandable, Lithuanian bank".

In 2013 Šiaulių bankas grew, became bigger and more significant bank in Lithuania. The network of the bank increased to 76 outlets operating in 36 towns of Lithuania while the number of clients almost reached 350 thou. By the managed share of the deposit market Šiaulių bankas takes the 4 position among the banks operating in Lithuania and 5 position by the managed assets in Lithuania.

Šiaulių bankas seeks to be strong and advanced Lithuanian bank, to become a counterweight to foreign capital banks, it chooses to continue funding to SME - this is a priority area of the bank. The Bank assists small and medium-sized enterprises seeking for financial welfare and stability, contributes to business development in the country, and finances municipal and regional projects.

„The Banker“ is a magazine focused on analysis of banking activities and forecasts of financial markets that is being issued by one of the world's leading financial publications"The Financial Times" since 1926  and which is read in over 180 countries. The Best Bank's Award is granted by "The Banker" annually for one bank in the country distinguishing itself with the most significant achievements.