(Renewed) Attention! To Heads of Enterprises Operating in Siauliai County,


Those enterprises registered in Siauliai county (i.e. Akmene, Joniskis, Kelme, Pakruojis, Radviliskis and Siauliai region as well as city of Siauliai) that are former clients of the bank „Snoras“ shall receive the insurance benefits from the State Undertaking „Insurance of Deposits and Investments“ through the outlets of Siauliu bankas all over Lithuania.

Wishing to resolve the issue of refunding to corporate entities expeditiously, we are inviting the heads of the enterprises or authorized persons to contact the nearest outlet of Siauliu bankas now, to open the bank accounts and to fill the Claim for Deposit Insurance Benefit

transfer to the bank account with Siauliu bankas.

If your enterprise is already a client of Siauliu bankas , then you are kindly asked to fill the claim regarding the transfer of the deposit insurance benefit to the account with Siauliu bankas and to submit it to the nearest outlet of Siauliu bankas all over Lithuania.

After filling the mentioned claim you will not have to visit the bank and the insurance benefits will be transferred as soon as they reach Siauliu bankas.

In case of any queries do not hesitate to contact the employees of Siauliu bankas who will provide you with a professional consultation regarding the transfer the insurance benefit , assist in handling daily financial issues and other topical affairs.

Note that regarding the repayment of the insurance benefits the corporative customers can address any of 52 outlets of Siauliu bankas operating all over Lithuania.

Activating the link below you will be able to see the addresses and business hours of Siauliu bankas outlets. 

The contact details of Siauliu bankas outlet.