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  • The main banking services to the Ukrainian citizens

The main banking services to the Ukrainian citizens

We support Ukraine and contribute as much as we can. As we are the experts of the financial services, we would like to help you, Ukrainians, to find answers more easily and to handle the financial issues.

If you do not find an answer or you have other questions, call us by 1813 (from foreign phone numbers +370 37 301 337) or e-mail to [email protected]. We service the clients in Lithuanian, Russian and English.

Opening of a new account

We will open a bank account free of charge for Ukrainian citizens who have moved from the hostilities and who have not been clients of Šiaulių Bankas, and we will also offer a special service plan "Traditional for Ukrainian citizens", for which no commission fee will be applied for 12 months after subscription. After 12 months, we will invite you to choose the valid standard service plan or apply the standard service fees published on sb.lt.

To open a bank account, Ukrainian citizens are invited to come to any Šiaulių bankas customer service department. A list of them can be found by clicking here. Be sure to bring an identity document (for more information on documents issued in Ukraine, click here), a confirmation of the Migration department or registration card with a note that the application for a temporary residence permit LT/D visa was accepted or a temporary residence permit issued by the Republic of Lithuania. You should also submit a certificate from the municipality or other institution about the benefit/support granted, an employment contract/employer's certificate or other document substantiating the relationship with Lithuania.


The service plan “Traditional for the Ukrainian citizens” allows making unlimited credit transfers SEPA in euro (via online banking).

The rates applicable to the clients, who do not have a service plan are published here: in English, Russian and Lithuanian.

Besides, all the transfers in any currency to private and business clients in Ukraine are free of charge. If the commission fee was applied for the transfer, nothing needs to be done. The money will be refunded as soon as possible. If possible, we recommend to make transfers in euro – in such a way, the money will reach the beneficiary’s account sooner.

Cash withdrawal

We would like to note that free* withdrawal of money in all the Lithuanian and foreign ATMs and terminals “Perlas Finance” is applied to private clients, who have payment cards related to service plan “Traditional for the Ukrainian citizens”.

*If the amount of 1000 euro is exceeded or starting with the fifth transaction, the commission fee of 2% (min. 3 euro) is applied.

The list of ATMs is available here.

Management of account

The financial affairs may be managed in the closest client servicing unit and in internet bank.

Our website and online bank are operating in Lithuanian, English and Russian, thus, you may choose the language that is the most convenient for you.

Ukrainian bank cards

It is natural that the majority of the Ukrainians have payment cards issued by the Ukrainian banks. You may use them to pay, to withdraw cash and to make payments if the bank that has issued the card is operating and providing services.