Service Plan Smart

This plan is designed for those business customers who have one bank account and rarely use everyday banking services. Plan Smart advantages:
• free account management;
• smaller fees for SEPA payments via the Internet, paid only for the transfers performed.
• service plan ordering, amendment or refusal does not cost anything.

Service Plan fees


Standard rates

Service plan for business

Monthly fee

1,50 Eur

0,00 Eur

Transfers in euros within the bank online

0,23 Eur

0,35 Eur

SEPA credit transfers via Internet1

0,41 Eur

0,35 Eur

Administration fee for the funds in euros transferred from Šiaulių bankas and other SEPA banks into the account


0,2 % from the amount (max 3 euros)

 1Simple SEPA credit transfers, SEPA periodic payments, e. account one-time and automatic payments, Bank Link.

For any questions, you are welcome to call 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337) or visit Šiaulių bankas customer service departments. For more information about service plans for business see here.