Service Plans for Business

We are introducing the new bank service plans for business customers, Smart and Premium, for a fixed monthly fee. By subscribing for a suitable plan, you will pay only for the SEPA transfers via the Internet!

Advantages of the service plans for business

•    Free account (s) processing.
•    Service plan ordering, change or refusal does not cost anything.
•    Smaller rates for SEPA payments via the Internet to be paid only for the transfers performed.
•    Free payment card Debit MasterCard Business (if selecting the Premium Service Plan).
•    Free salary transfer within the bank (if selecting the Premium Service Plan).

* In addition, you can order a security program for payment card.

How to choose the service plan for business?

When choosing, consider your, as a business customer, number of accounts held in the bank and number of SEPA credit transfers online per month:

• Service plan for business Premium is for those who have one or more bank accounts and are actively using everyday banking services;

• Service plan for business Smart is for those who have one bank account and rarely use everyday banking services.

How to subscribe to a service plan?

• This is easily accomplished by connecting to the SB linija or in Šiaulių bankas customer service units.

How much does the service plan cost?

• The service plan monthly fee is EUR 0 or EUR 3.50.
• Service plan ordering, change or refusal does not cost anything.
• At first, fee is calculated from the service plan ordering date, in proportion to the number of days used per month.
• For every month, fee is debited before the last day of the month.

For any questions, you are welcome to call 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337) or visit Šiaulių bankas customer service departments.