Exchange of Visa Business and Maestro Business Payment Cards into MasterCard

Earlier this year, Šiaulių bankas chose MasterCard as a strategic partner for issuing payment cards and providing related services and signed a cooperation agreement. In order to standardize the cards, the bank already stopped issuing Visa group payment cards and on 10 August 2015 will stop issuing Maestro Business* as well. MasterCard group cards are issued instead.

Feel free to exchange any Visa Business payment card issued by Šiaulių bankas for MasterCard Business:

„Debit MasterCard Business“

Debit card for businesses, most appropriate for daily operations!

„MasterCard Business“

Credit card for businesses, most appropriate to pay simply, easily and safely!

Debit MasterCard Business: very popular international debit card. Employees and managers can use funds of the company from the card account to pay both in the usual sales and service places but in e-shops as well, also to book plane tickets, hotel rooms and reserve a car. This card allows using funds for the needs of the company more easily.


More about „Debit MasterCard Business“

MasterCard Business is one of the most popular international business credit cards, especially useful for heads of the companies. Funds of the company as well as funds of available restoration or permanent credit can be used to pay in the usual sales and service places in Lithuania and abroad as well as in e-shops.


More about  „MasterCard Business“ 

It is easy to change the Card

Visa card Exchange into MasterCard will cause no extra inconveniences:

  • During the changing period Visa card works without problems, you can use it as usual
  • Visa Business group cards are changed into MasterCard free
  • After changing of the card, account number remains the same: just the card type and number become different
  • Service charges applied for existing card remain the same
  • If your Visa Business card expiration is more than 3 months, new MasterCard is issued with the same expiry date, if less than 3 months a new card expiration date is set
  • You can dispose of the funds from existing Visa Business card account as long as you take the new MasterCard Business card
  • If your card account has a credit limit, it will automatically transfer to the new MasterCard Business card.

In order to smoothly continue shopping online, after having exchanged Visa card to MasterCard, do not forget to update the card data in PayPal and other e-systems.

How to Change the Card?

Card exchange requests can be filled by head of the company:

  • through „SB liniją“:„Applications and Requests“ —> „Payment Card Documents“ —> „Payment Card Requests“ —> „Request to change the Card“
  • in the nearest Šiaulių bankas unit.

* Maestro Business payment cards are changed into MasterCard cards applying typical service rates of Šiaulių bankas, which are available on the bank’s website or in any Šiaulių bankas customer servicing unit.