Interested in cooperation

Benefits for those who sell new and used vehicles

  • You will be able to enter leasing and insurance agreements yourself using the a tool provided by us , i.e. a leasing agreement conclusion system.
  • You will be able to work when it is convenient for You , a the leasing conclusion agreement system operates 24 hours round.
  • Assessment of a client may be executed by the easing conclusion agreement system - it will evaluate the client's solvency and provide the respective documentation, all You need to do is to enter the client's data and sign the documents.
  • You will be provided with expedient consultation regarding agreement conclusion, as in case of any queries the Customer Information Line officers will be available 5 days a week. You may contact them by the telephone 8 700 55 040 or e-mail at

 More than 150 vehicle sellers in Lithuania have chosen us for cooperation. We would be please to cooperate with You too!

How to sign a cooperation agreement?

  1. Please provide us with the company registration certificate, document of appointment of a company's head and head's personal identification document.
  2. We will sign a cooperation agreement.
  3. After receipt of a user-name and password, you will have to login to the leasing agreement conclusion system at and will be able to sell Your goods by way of leasing.

Where to go in order to sign a cooperation agreement?

To Leasing Department  of Šiaulių Bankas AB:

Representative office in Vilnius 

Representative office in Kaunas

Kęstutis Grinaveckas

Head of  Sales inVilnius region

Šeimyniškių str. 1A, 09312 Vilnius

Tel.: + 370 5 279 9986 mob. +370 612 51 212


Vitalija Mačiulaitienė

Head of  Sales in Kaunas region

Laisvės al. 80, 44249 Kaunas

Tel.: + 370 37 200 098 mob. +370 682 43 248


Representative office in Klaipėda

Representative office in  Šiauliai 

Rolandas Kumpys

Head of Sales in Klaipėda region

Taikos pr. 66, 93219 Klaipėda

Tel.: + 370 46 474 980 mob. +370 618 75 100 


Andrius Stankūnas

Head of  Sales in Šiauliai region

Vilniaus str. 167, 76352 Šiauliai

Tel.: + 370 41 420 647 mob. +370 612 35 020