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Šiaulių bankas offers credits to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) from the Bank´s funds and the funds from the Economic Growth Operational Programme 2007-2013 which are assigned from the structural funds of the EU to the implementation of the JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) initiative. A total of EUR 80 million is assigned under the programme together with the funds from Šiaulių bankas. Small and medium-sized enterprises are earmarked EUR 40 million from the JEREMIE fund which is administrated by UAB „Investicijų ir verslo garantijos“ (INVEGA). An equivalent amount is allocated by Šiaulių bankas.

Conditions for JEREMIE credits

  •    Credit is intended for investment into tangible and intangible assets as well as to boost working capital for business growth and development.
  •    The credit is extended to small and medium-sized enterprises registered and operating in Lithuania.
  •    Credits are available in EUR.
  •    The maximum credit sum per one enterprise is up to EUR 3.2 million. 
  •    The minimum credit amount is of EUR 14 487.
  •   Credit term is between 2 and 7 years, including the grace period. In special cases, credit term may be extended to up to 10 years.
  •   Credit repayment grace period for investments into tangible and intangible assets is 12 months, and for working capital replenishment with the purpose of business expansion and development – 6 months. 
  •    Credit must be repaid in equal parts no less than once every three months. 

Companies can submit their projects for credit application at any Šiaulių bankas outlet.


The driving force behind the efforts of promoting entrepreneurship is the SME portfolio guarantee measure implemented under JEREMIE ( Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) initiative, financed in Lithuania from the European Union structural funds under the Operational Programme for Economic Growth 2007-2013. The measure is implemented with the money from INVEGA controlling fund. The initiative is aimed to boost credits to SMEs with the guarantee of up to 80% of the credit and more attractive conditions for SME entities to receive financing in case of mortgage deficiency. At Šiaulių bankas, guaranteed credit beneficiaries enjoy more flexible mortgage requirements and lower interest rates which offers an innovative opportunity for SMEs to invest and expand their business in Lithuania.  

 Credit eligibility 

Credits are extended to small- and medium-sized enterprises registered and operating in Lithuania where credits are not financed under other EU or national business promotion programs. Main requirements:

  • the company has less than 250 employees;  
  • company´s financial results comply with one of the following conditions:
  • company´s annual income is below EUR 40 million;
  • company´s book value does not exceed EUR 27 million. 

Main conditions for credit provision:

  • Credit issued in EUR.
  • The maximum amount is up to EUR 1,875.000 / LTL 6,474.000 (the total amount of credit extended to an individual SME or a group of interrelated companies cannot exceed the maximum).
  • The credit agreement must be concluded no later than 31 January 2016.
  • Credit term: minimum – 1 year, maximum – 10 years, including repayment grace period.
  • Portfolio guarantee is not subject to be used to warranty a credit financed from the European Union funds or supported under other business promotion program.


InnoFin guarantee facility is financed from the financial instruments under the EU aids programme Horizon 2020 EU  and the European Fund for Strategic Investments hounded under the Investment Plan for Europe.

EFSI aims to support productive investment in the EU  though financing  and ensure better access to finance.

 Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever. It contributes to new scientific breakthroughs, inventions and global innovations transferring the great ideas from the lab to the market.

This instrument is intended to encourage lending to innovative business guaranteeing up to 50 per cent of principal and improving access to financing in the case of insufficient collateral. Šiaulių Bankas applies more favourable collateral requirements and lower interest for the recipients of the credit with the InnoFin portfolio guarantee.

Credits shall be eligible for:

Major requirements:

  • Innovative business
  • SME or a mid-cap company (which is not SME and employs up to 499 employees).

Main credit granting conditions:

Credit currency - Euro

Minimal credit amount - EUR 25 000.

Maximum credit amount is EUR 7 500 000 (the total credit amount of the credit granted to a separate SME or interrelated group of companies cannot exceed the maximum amount).

Credit maturity - minimal - 1 year, maximum - 10 yeas including a grace period.

The credit with the portfolio guarantee is not the object of the State's aids (de minimis shall not apply).

The Credit can be granted in the form of a loan, credit line, account credit and leasing.

The possible purpose: acquisition of tangible and intangible assets and supplementation of working capital. 


We kindly invite you to visit the nearest Šiaulių bankas outlet and our specialists will answer any queries regarding crediting.