We are arranging seminars on the Euro adoption to our customers: 1 October in Šiauliai, please register at siauliai@sb.lt. The seminars are free. You are welcome to register.

SB linija


signing of agreement

 free of charge

connecting to the system

 free of charge


 free of charge

issue of a PIN code card

free of charge

change of a PIN code card (in case of loss or on client’s request) 

5  LTL (1.45 EUR)

confirmation of a payment document (of a single operation) in the bank

1 LTL (0.29 EUR)

payment card balance on real time

free of charge

operation signing by SMS message

0.15 LTL per SMS message

(00.04 EUR per SMS message)

cancellation of a payment order (in case the funds were not written off the bank’s correspondent account)

10 LTL (2.90 EUR)