SB Linija

E-banking system SB Linija is a fast, cheap and safe way to find out your account balance, to execute important payments and other daily financial operations. Currently our e-banking system offers the following services:

  • To find out the balances of your accounts and payment cards.
  •  To review, print and order account statements to your e-mail.
  •  To execute local and international payments.
  •  To pay various taxes and payments.
  •  To pay for goods and services in online shops.
  •  To fill in an application for a payment card.
  •  To conclude the agreements of various types (deposit, standing payments, direct debit, SMS bankas, etc.).
  •  To purchase and sell currency.
  •  To submit an application for a credit.
  •  To review credit schedules.
  •  To submit a declaration of income and property.
  •  To carry out other useful actions.

To become a user of the benefits provided by SB Linija, come to any outlet of Šiaulių bankas, sign an agreement and start using the services straightaway.

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